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3D Modeling, Simulations and Visualizations

Intutive 3D Modeling Tools

Simulation-friendly models from CAD geometry or from measurements and floor plans.

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Choice of Several Solvers

Integrated solvers like state-of-the-art mesh free particle Solver (SPH),  Analytical Solvers and several more planned.

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State of the art Visualizations

Groundbreaking Visualizations in near real-time with the ability to visualize system failures.

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Our Services

Our team highly of qualified consultants and engineers stand ready to provide solutions.

Advanced 3D Modeling

For 3D models to be suitable for simulations, the geometry has to be consistent and closed to make sure that the boundary conditions are satisfied.

CAD models either from LIDAR scans or from pre-existing models usually are very complex and may have a lot of details that won’t be needed in the simulation.

Centroid LAB’s tools are detailed and either run through to simplify these pre-existing models or provides the user with a variety of tools.

Fluid Simulation Solutions

We use a proprietary fluid simulation framework (Neutrino) coupled with a computational risk analysis software  (EMRALD – Idaho National Laboratory) with US National Laboratories to provide accurate analysis for flooding to estimate risk.

Simulation Driven Fire Analysis


  • We provide fire analysis support for the FRI3D toolkit developed jointly with Idaho National Laboratory.