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Industry Projects

Industry projects that we have been involved with

Simulation of Transesterification of Vegetable Oil for Bio-Fuel Production

The transesterification of triglyceride into methyl ester consists in a 3-step system of chemical reactions where the triglyceride reacts successively into di-glyceride, mono-glyceride and finally into glycerol. Each reaction yields the production of fatty acid methyl ester.   This Simulation was done using GPU Accelerated Neutrino.

FRI3D Software Benefit Realization for Plant Modification

This is custom heading element   Plant Modification Pilot Case for Fire Analysis Replacing two chillers and moving them to a new location. Goal – Demonstrate the time savings benefits from integrated fire analysis methods using FRI3D. Tasks: Test import of plant fire data (modified FRANX format) Estimate compartment 3D modeling time based on # [...]

Simulation of Security Related Scenarios in Advanced Reactors

This is custom heading element   Simulation of Pipe Break(s) in Advanced Reactor Design Jointly done with Idaho National Laboratory , SPH Simulations of Pipe breaks were conducted to evaluate risk.   2021 REPORT

FRI3D Fire Modeling Sim & PRA

This is custom heading element   FRI3D Switch Gear Room Simulation Jointly developed with Idaho National Laboratory - FRI3D is an integrated 3D modeling and Fire Simulation Software fully integrated with CFAST and FDS. The simulation depicts a switch gear room modeled and simulated in FRI3D. 2019 REPORT

Underwater Vehicle Simulation

This is custom heading element   Submarine ROV Simulation (NEUTRINO) A collaboration with the University of Toulon, France resulted in the NEUTRINO code for simulating an autonomous submarine ROV on how it reacts with ocean currents close to the shore. The report can be downloaded by the following link. REPORT

Open100 Pipe Break Simulation

This is custom heading element   OPEN 100 Advanced Rector PRA (NEUTRINO/EMRALD) We engaged with Idaho National Laboratory to couple the code EMERALD for Dynamic Probabilistic Risk Analysis. This is an example of running a simulation of pipe breaks to assess risk with dynamic probablistic risk analysis for the next generation advanced nuclear reactors. The [...]

Sloshing Tank Design

This is custom heading element   Sloshing Tank Validation SLOSHING TANK VALIDATION Centroid LAB's software Neutrino and the associated simulation SPH was used to design George Washington University Wave Tank experiment which was subsequently used to validate the Neutrino code. REPORT

Oil Pipeline & Break Sim

This is custom heading element   OIL PIPELINE FLOW (NEUTRINO)   OIL PIPELINE FLOW (NEUTRINO) Neutrino’s visualization and model setup system was used for simulation of a flow through an oil pipeline. The Crude oil Depicted here is heavy crude oil. Neutrino is developed independently by Neutrino Dynamics Initiative. It is composed of a group [...]

Neutrino Validation (IRP)

This is custom heading element   VALIDATION OF CODE NEUTRINO   Integrated Research Project with North Carolina State University & George Washington University. REPORT

Switch-Gear Room Simulation

This is custom heading element   FIRE PRA (NEUTRINO/FDS) NVIS visualization components were used to visualize a simulation of a fire event at a switch gear room at a Nuclear Power Plant using FDS. The results of the visualization is in the following movie REPORT

Pipe Flow Simulation

This is custom heading element   PIPE FLOW USING SPH   Open Boundaries with Pressure Enforcement Transient Flow Analysis of a flow through pipe REPORT

Molten Salt Flow Simulation

This is custom heading element   DOWNCOMER FLOW (NEUTRINO)   Neutrino’s simulation was used in depicting a real world phenomenon which occurs during downcomer pipeflows whereby the fluid pressure and forces causes pipes to vibrate. The simulation was setup using real world parameters with a downcomer pipe feeding molten salt. The simulation depicts pressure and [...]

Multi Event Scenario (VR)

This is custom heading element   MUTLI EVENT SCENARIO (VR)   An immersive 3D environment, with models for nuclear power plant buildings and components, and an accident scenario with associated events to interactively visualize scenarios and mitigation procedures. REPORT

River Flooding & Coupled 2D/3D Sim

This is custom heading element   EXTERNAL FLOODING GEOCLAW/NEUTRINO   Simulation of an external flooding scenario affecting a nuclear power plant site. Response time and structural loads as figure of merits. The flood is initiated by a dam breach, thereby inundating the site causing damage to building structures and critical equipment. REPORT

Internal Flooding Sim & Validation

This is custom heading element   EPRI INTERNAL FLOODING (NEUTRINO)   A simulation study was conducted by EPRI using Neutrino-SPH and Centroid LAB for analysis of Internal Flooding and the final report as released by EPRI can be downloaded. REPORT

Integrated Modeling of High Wind

This is custom heading element   INTEGRATED MODELING OF HIGH WIND Using Neutrino-SPH this project entited the modeling and simulation effects of modeling high winds using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Methods.   It is generally recognized that high winds pose a significant externally induced hazard to nuclear power plant (NPP) sites. In general, the high wind [...]

Coupled Multi Event Scenario

This is custom heading element   EMRALD & NEUTRINO   Risk Informed Decision Making Based on Computational Dynamic Analysis. EMRALD is the software powering the risk analysis based on computational decisions from Neutrino. The scenario depicts an earthquake induced internal flooding scenarion which results in Core Pressure Loss. The video demonstrates the full scenario and [...]

Rain Induced Internal Flooding

This is custom heading element   RAIN INDUCED FLOODING (NEUTRINO)   A Simulation of a scenario involving Rain induced flooding at a plant Setup Buildings Levels Components Emitters Transporters Killers REPORT

Lake Breach

This is custom heading element   LAKE BREACH Simulation of a lake breach to induce flooding in an accompanying  plant. This included Coupling of a shallow water erosion scheme which produced dynamic flow rates. The second accompanying video indicates the resulting flow but with time sped up. REPORT

Tsunami Coastal Impact

This is custom heading element   FUKUSHIMA LIKE WAVE HEIGHT COMPARISION Multiple Wave Heights Simulated from a reconstruction of the tsunami using Neutrino-SPH The Left Side is a 19m wave Vs Right Side 25m wave The Top is without the sea wall Vs Bottom with Sea Wall REPORT