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Advanced Simulations

A highly efficient fluid solver, Neutrino’s powerful algorithms simulate various highly dynamic fluid flows, including wave-impact and flooding scenarios.

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Decades of Expertise

Centroid Lab is made up of a group of diverse, industry-recognized scientists and engineers with a proven track-record of driving results and innovation.

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Custom Solutions based on our Enterprise Platform

NDYN is a unified platformwhich acts as a backbone connecting all the front-end software functionalities. The platform makes it possible to drastically speed up modeling and simulation software development process to produce state-of-the-art solutions.

Selected Cases

Selected Projects Built with Our Tools

Simulation of Transesterification of Vegetable Oil for Bio-Fuel Production20231130185929
FRI3D Software Benefit Realization for Plant Modification20231023213024
Simulation of Security Related Scenarios in Advanced Reactors20210911185250
FRI3D Fire Modeling Sim & PRA20210103003855
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Explore Solutions

Explore solutions addressed Centroid LAB's proprietary technologies and expertise.

Streamlined engineering workflows tailored to particular needs

Complete ExecutionFull execution of project all the way to report generation.
Proprietary PlatformsCommonly used modeling tools specifically for simulations
State-of-the-Art VisualizationsVisualizations inbuilt into the platforms.

Deliver New Insights

Create and Run Simulations faster with one integrated platform for several simulation environments.

The Impact

You would never imagine an integrated 3D Modeling & Simulation Platform was this easy to learn and execute

Computational Simulation
Fire Protection and Simulation
Flood Protection and Simulation
Scientific Visualization

The Challenge

A seemless integrated pipeline for modeling, simulations and visualizations with dynamic probablistic analysis.

Groundbreaking Research & Publications

Project Execution

Simulation Driven Decisions

The Solution

An integrated easy to use platform for


  1. 3D Modeling, Simulation and Visualization
  2. Fluid Simulation and Analysis including Fire and Flooding.
  3. Easy integration with well-validated codes.


2023 The 4th International CNS Technical Meeting on Fire Safety and Emergency Preparedness for the Nuclear Industry20231023180536

2023 The 4th International CNS Technical Meeting on Fire Safety and Emergency Preparedness for the Nuclear Industry

Usage of FRI3D for Fire Analysis Plant Modifications     The results of analysis of using FRI3D Software from Centr...
2022 POST SMiRT Fire Conference Paper20221231014729

2022 POST SMiRT Fire Conference Paper

Fire Modelling Automation and Visualization in PRA for Nuclear Plants FRI3D was presented the the 2022 Post SMiRT Fire Confer...
2022 FRI3D Workshop for LWRS User Group20220308192058

2022 FRI3D Workshop for LWRS User Group

American Nuclear Society 2019Workshop #1: FRI3D for Light Water Reactors Register NowLearn how to use FRI3D software to perfo...
2022 SBIR Awarded to Centroid LAB20220111012444

2022 SBIR Awarded to Centroid LAB

2022 Department of Energy Phase 1 for Small Business Research and Development awarded to Centroid LABOne of 158 Grants Totali...

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